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Seoul of Darkness
24 March 2011 @ 06:45 pm
I know it has been a long time but now I am back...not as often though.
It is midnight, as I look out the window
Nothing but darkness, as I see without you
I know it is impossible to wait for your return
I lay in bed with tears running down my cheek
My body aches and yearns for your touch
The thought of it kills me inside,
Like a dagger struck into the core of my heart
Leaving a scar as a reminder of the loss and pain
It's hard to think of what had happened that day
I should have seen it coming
For you would still be here by my side.
Random cheezy poetry lol. Better than nothing.
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Seoul of Darkness
10 May 2009 @ 04:00 am
On a Sunday afternoon a group of boys sat in the living room, watching Aladdin. Unbelievable sights, indescribable feelings. Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling through an endless diamond sky. A whole new world. A three year old boy watched in amazement as the female sang while riding a magic carpet. "She's weally good." The comment was replied with a gurgle from a baby boy who was nearly one year old. He couldn't talk yet but a certain someone kept trying to. "Say Jinki. Jinkiiii~"

The baby just smiled and gurgled again at five year old Jinki's attempt of making him speak. "Taemin, please say Jinki?" Taemin stared at him with his big round eyes and poked Jinki's nose. He wiggled his little toes and smiled even more. "Weave whim alone."

Jinki turned around and glared at three year old Kibum. "No. He will learn how to say my name and it will be the first thing he says." He turned around and looked at Taemin who was looking in a different direction. He stared at another boy across the room who was looking at a picture book. "Taemin. Say Jinki." Taemin didn't pay attention. "Stop looking at Minho.", he whined. Hearing his name, Minho looked up. He looked at Jinki then at Taemin. He smiled and the baby smiled back. He got up on his two small feet and wobbled his way to Taemin. "Minho what do you think you're doing?", Jinki asked.

"Taemin.", Minho replied.

"No. Stay away from him."

Minho ignored him and stood in front of Taemin's bouncer. Taemin giggled and made grabby hands, puckering his lips out for a kiss. Minho leaned in and gave a peck on his lips. "Jinki, get of wit." Jinki was on the floor with his arms crossed and pouted. Jonghyun, who was still staring at the movie, turned around to see what the fuss was all about. "What's wong with you?"

Jinki just sat in his spot staring at Taemin. Why doesn't he give me kisses? Taemin and Minho were staring at each other, not making any noise or movement. "Jinki, are you jeawous?"


Kibum nodded.

"What do you mean jeawous?"



Kibum nodded again. "Oh...no I'm not!" This time Taemin turned around and looked at him with a blank expression. Minho looked at him too. "What?"
The boys were outside playing ball while Taemin sat on the front porch wearing his white angel winged pajamas, cheering them on. Kibum was the one who picked his outfit, talking about how Taemin had an angelic look and being his little angel.

Minho threw the ball over Jinki's head and was caught by Jonghyun. Jonghyun passed the ball to Kibum and back to Minho. They were trying to keep the ball away from Jinki, finding it funny that he kept tripping on his shoe laces and whined about being the monkey in the middle.

Getting tired of being picked on he left and ran over to Taemin who smiled when he saw him. "Taemin. Say my name."


"No! It's not 'Goo' it's Jinki."

"Goo Goo."

Jinki sighed. Taemin looked up and stared at a blue butterfly, reaching his hands out. "Taemin. You want the butterfly?" He kept on staring at the butterfly but began to cry. He started to crawl in the direction of the insect. The butterfly was floating over to a flower and then over to a wind chime. "Please don't cry. I'll get it for you." Jinki chased after the butterfly, forgetting about his untied shoelaces. He jumped up and made a grab for it but missed. He jumped again but almost didn't land on his feet. "I almost have it." The others watched him, mostly Jonghyun who kept laughing. "Be caweful."

"I know what I'm doing."

Jinki was panting but he tried his best to get the butterfly for Taemin. He wanted to be the one to make him happy. The first person he sees when he wakes up from his little naps and the last person he sees when he goes to bed. He was always the one to sing him a lullaby but Jonghyun kept getting in the way.

The butterfly was getting farther away from him and he didn't want to dissapoint Taemin. The more jumps he took the lesser chance he would catch it. The butterfly flew higher, making it impossible for him to get. Sighing he ran back to Taemin and tell him the bad news. "Taemin. I'm sorry but I couldn't get it."

Taemin didn't do anything but what he normally did, smile. "Du...Dubu." Jinki was shocked when he heard the word come out of the babies mouth. "What?"


"Close enough."

Jinki bounced around Taemin with joy. It wasn't his real name but close. He was just glad Taemin said something that involved him. "Did you hear him? He said Dubu."


"Taemin said 'Dubu'."


"...you awe tofu?"

"Taemin. Say it again."


Jinki squealed and kissed him on his cheek. Taemin puckered his lips out wanting another kiss. Jinki couldn't be anymore happier than he already was. He kissed him and went back to celebrating. "He likes me. He likes me~"
Angel Winged Pajamas
Seoul of Darkness
17 March 2009 @ 07:20 pm
Outside of a school, rain was pouring. Thunder shook the ground and lightning brightened the dark clouds. A small child inside was watching by the window. His arms were on the sill with his chin resting on top. The other children inside were playing Four Corners since it was playtime and the weather outside got in the way. Everyone was yelling, screaming, giggling and falling but he ignored it all. He was upset that his best friend in the whole entire world moved away and he was left alone with a bunch of sugar high children. Sighing to himself he continued to watch the storm. A tear fell down his cheek and landed on his arm. He sniffled his leaking nose and thought how every single day for the rest of his life would be like this.


Kibum turned around to see a boy not much older than him with dimples and blonde hair (which made Kibum wonder how that was possible), look at him with sympathy. Kibum looked back at him with a blank expression, wondering what he wanted. "I'm sorry.", the blonde hair boy said. "Sorry about what?", Kibum replied. "I'm sorry about your friend leaving you." Kibum didn't say another word. He just turned around, going back to stare at the rain. The other boy didn't leave and kept on staring at Kibum.


"Eeteuk hyung!"

Eeteuk stared at him, surprised by the tone in his voice. It sounded angry but also broken and lonely. "You shouldn't be sorry for anything." Kibum lowered his head and tears ran down his red cheeks. Eeteuk ran over to him and hugged him from behind. "It'll be okay Kibum-shii. I'll be your new friend." Kibum shook his head. "No. I don't want a new friend. I just want my teddy bear back!" There was a moment of silence between the two. Eeteuk was confused by what the younger boy was talking about. "Teddy bear? I thought you said your friend moved away?"

"I did. He was my best friend but now he's gone. My mom took him away as a donuttion to a bunch of babies."

"You mean donation?"


Eeteuk was dumbfounded about his depression on a teddy bear. "It was just a teddy bear." "I don't care!", he yelled. Eeteuk shook his head and grabbed Kibum's hand. "Come on. How about we go play with the others. It will make you feel better." Kibum was still sad about his friend but followed him anyways mumbling about how Four Corners was his teddy bear's favorite game.

The other boys and girls ran around in the room, trying to reach a corner before time was up. Eeteuk and Kibum sat in a corner together and waited for the person to pick a corner. To Kibum's despair a pair of bare feet layed on his lap, the toes wiggling.


"Eunhyuk put your shoes back on!"
Seoul of Darkness
28 February 2009 @ 05:45 pm
Taemin woke up to sun light burning down on his tired eyes. He rubbed his legs together from the loss of warmth when the covers were at his feet. He opened one eye and saw all the beds empty except for one. Taemin opened his other eye to get a better view. He looked passed Onew's bed and saw Minho's back facing him. "Minho", he whispered to himself. At that moment Minho turned around. Taemin held his breathe and shut his eyes tight, not wanting the other to know he was awake.

He peaked through his left eye and saw that he was still asleep. He let out a sigh. Taemin slowly crawled out of his bed, trying not to make a sound. Gently, he tiptoed to the end of the room and peeked through the door. Their were no noises of movement or talking, only the birds chirping outside. He walked out and went to the bathroom, locking the door as he went in. He looked at the mirror and saw how horrible he looked. He had changed since that day. His eyes had lost its youthfulness and cheeriness and was replaced with depression and exhaustion. There were dull gray bags underneath and his skin was ghostly pale.

Taemin wanted to cry but his eyes had given up on him, they were too tired to shed a tear from his previous sadness. He quickly brushed his teeth and washed his face, making sure the sleep wasn't in his eyes. He walked away from the mirror and unlocked the door. He ran into someones chest. "Ow", he said rubbing his nose. He looked up and saw a tired Minho staring at him intently.



Minho didn't say anything but just stared at Taemin.Taemin's head hung down and looked at the corners of his eyes, observing his surroundings, trying to avoid eye contact. He suddenly ran past him, back into the bedroom and falling on to his bed. He threw the covers over his body and covered his face with the pillow.

Taemin could hear footsteps entering the room and held the pillow closer. The steps got louder and louder until it stopped right next to his bed.


A hand reached out and pulled the pillow away. Taemin covered his face with his hands, trying to block out any sight of him. He felt a pair of warm lips touch his forhead and heard a whisper of, "I love you." and then silence.

After a few seconds, he peaked through his fingers and saw nothing. Minho had left and went somewhere else in the dorm. He fell limb in his bed and stared at the ceiling. "Minho hyung...I'm sorry."


In the SM building, Taemin tried to do his best to avoid Yesung, but was having trouble. Every where he went he followed. He was almost cornered when he turned around a few halls, but escaped by running between his arm and leg. Lucky for him, his long legs helped him get farther away.

When the group had dance practice, Yesung came in and watched. Apparently Super Junior didn't have a schedule that day, well at least he didn't. He kept his eyes on Taemin while he tried to pretend he wasn't there. Minho glanced at Yesung and Taemin every time he had to spin around or look in the mirror. The feeling in the air was tense, but Onew was the only one who didn't sense this. So much for being the leader.

After dance practice was over, Yesung left the room and waited outside. The other members passed by saying "Bye hyung.", "It was nice seeing you here.", and "I hope you can help us improve to become Ultimate SHINee." Minho and Taemin walked out, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. "Taemin. We need to talk." Without a response, he grabbed his free hand and dragged him into the bathroom.

"Taemin. Did you tell him?"

Taemin stared down at his feet as if they were the most fascinating things he has ever seen.

"TAEMIN!", Yesung yelled loudly, scaring the younger boy.

"No I didn't. I'm sorry. I'll tell him when...when...when the time is right?"

Yesung punched the tile wall and let out a groan. There was a small amount of silence. "Taemin, for the millionth time, if you don't tell him, we are through. Do you want us to be over? Do you want me to do something that I will regret for the rest of our lives?"
Taemin slowly shook his head no with a sniffle. "Then tell him. Tell him you and him are over. FOR GOOD!" Then he left him again like he did before. Taemin didn't move from his spot and just stood there, thinking. Maybe it would be best for the three of us if I just stopped living...


This seems like an epic fail to me.
At least it's much longer than the one before...
I'm too lazy to check back so if I made any mistakes tell me.
Seoul of Darkness
05 February 2009 @ 08:22 pm
A six-year old boy with dark brown hair and small almond eyes was swinging on the swings, like any six-year old would, happily humming to himself. A very tall five-year old boy who seemed to look like an alien to the other boy, with his big round eyes, was kicking around a soccer ball on the other side of the park.

The younger boy had always caught the older boys attention no matter what. Of course he always saw him at the same park at the same time at the same spot playing the same game over and over again and he even wondered if the boy just lived at the park, but there was something else that attracted him to him. He always seemed to play by himself all the time whenever he was around. It made it seem like he was really an alien and scared the other kids around that offered to play with him. He wondered what it would be like to hang out with him. The boy dropped his feet into the sand stopping the swing and looked around. There was no one else around but the two of them, excluding there parents. Gathering up his courage and getting ready to use his cute charms he walked up to the other boy.

"Excuse me.", he said.

"Yes?", asked the other.

"Can I play with you?" He flashed a cute innocent smile hoping he would say yes.


The taller boy was silent and it scared him just a little. He just stared at him with a blank expression. The smaller boy's smile started to go down and turned into a frown and then a pout. The younger boy just stared, but a few seconds later he smiled. "Sure." The boy jumped with joy and grabbed the ball from the others hand. "I'm Kibum.", he said proudly, "but you can call me Key." The other boy just stared at him as if he were an alien. ".........My name is Minho." Minho. Key liked that name. He could get use to it.

Key dropped the ball to the ground and kicked it as hard as he could. The ball skidded across the grass but not too far. Minho kicked the ball back twice as hard and it flew over Key's head.

"Yah! I'm over here."


Minho ran after the ball his shoelaces untied. He tripped. Key ran after him asking him over and over again if he was okay and looked for any injuries. A scratch was placed on to his knee and a tear almost fell down his cheek. "It's okay Minho-ah. I'll make it better." Key grabbed a pink bandade with puppies on it from his pocket and putted it on the scratch. He kissed it and smiled. "All better?" Minho nodded his head with a sniffle and a blush. "Good." Key grabbed his hands and helped him up. "Do you want to keep playing?"



"Will you be my friend?"

Key smiled at the sudden question and nodded his head. "Of course!" Minho smiled back and picked up the ball. He kicked the ball gently this time and waited for the other to kick it back. This time Key kicked it hard and surprisingly flew over Minho's head. He just watched the ball go over his head and waited for it to land before going after it. "Minho!" Minho turned around and looked at Key. Key ran over to him and tied his shoes, double knotting it. "Don't forget to tie your shoes or you'll get another boo boo." Minho smiled and ran after the ball.

Over and over again they kicked the ball to each other until the sun set. Their parents called after them as they headed towards their cars. They ran to them, clinging to their mother's side and telling them how they made a new friend and hoping to see each other again. They waved at each other goodbye and left the park.

This one is for Jessica and the ending seemed kind of messed up.
I wasn't planning on to make them kids. XD

Seoul of Darkness
25 January 2009 @ 12:27 am
At four in the morning at the SHINee dorm a certain magnae was awake, but he looked like he had not sleep in years. His hair was a mess, he had bags under his eyes, and his eyes were red and puffy. He had been quietly crying for the past four hours thinking about what happened earlier today.


"TAEMIN!", yelled an older voice. Taemin turned around and saw his boyfriend come up to him. "Yesung." He didn't know why he was yelling. It wasn't like him at all. "When are you going to tell him?" Taemin's heart stopped and he looked away. "I...I...I-" He was cut off.

"I WHAT TAEMIN?!", Yesung screamed.

"I-I'm not sure."

Yesung sighed. They have been together for a month now and they couldn't be anymore happier. They enjoyed every second they spent together and never got into any fights. At night when they were apart they would call each other just to say 'I love you', but there was one problem. Taemin already had a boyfriend. His other boyfriend he was with was for two years. They were helplessly in love and nothing could have broken them apart. They knew each other like the back of their hand, a little too much. His boyfriend gets suspicious when ever he is out too long. He thinks he might be seeing another guy, but he has no idea how right he is.

Yesung headed towards the door. Without looking back he called over his shoulder, "If you don't tell him...then...we're through."

End of Flashback

More tears poor out of his eyes, creating a small rain fall. He loved both of them very much but he had to choose one. It was a very difficult decision but he had to make it or things would get worse.


This is so short. XD
Sorry Sam.
I'll edit it later.

Edit: I'm to lazy to edit this. XD

Seoul of Darkness
18 January 2009 @ 09:29 pm
I don't know what you did to me hyung. I have this weird feeling in me. It feels all warm and fuzzy. I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach. Even my heart keeps pounding, well at least when I am around you. What did you do to me?


I hear you call my name, that one little name only people close to me call me. I smile.

"...do you want to go to the restaurant down the street after this?" I turn around to face you and my heart skips a beat when I see you. I nod and you smile. The oxygen in the room somehow has disappeared. I can't breathe, but then you walk away heading back towards your band members and I live again.


"You ready?", you ask after performances were over.


We leave through the back door of the building, trying to avoid fans but to our disappointment, they were there. You grab my hand and my face starts to warm up, despite the fact that it was twenty degrees outside. You pull me through the giant crowd of screaming girls, your small hands holding on to mine tight. It felt like a maze in there but we managed to get out.

"You okay?"

I didn't reply, my face was still red and I was gasping for air. You walk up towards me and lay your hands on my shoulder. I look up at you but avoid eye contact. You look straight at me with a concern look on your face. I turn even redder.

"Taemin, are you okay?"


"You sure? We can go back and..."

"No.", I interrupt. For some reason I didn't want to go back. I wanted to stay with you.


We walk in silence for three minutes until we reach a door. Like a gentlemen, you opened the door and let me in first. The restaurant was beautiful and looked really expensive.

"Hyung, can you really afford this?"

You smile at me and my heart skips a beat again.

"Of course, and stop calling me hyung, call me Yesung."

"Yesung...Yesung", I smile as the name slips through my lips, "Yesungie."

Again you smile but with a chuckle and ruffle my hair. I feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter.


We are seated into our booth. A waitress comes and takes our order. Once she left there was silence again. It's really killing me that you're not saying any thing to me. I don't know why. I stared at you while you looked around. Then we locked gaze. I looked at you and you looked at me. We were like that for a while until our food came. Once we got it you ate like a pig. I thought it was cute. I barely ate since I couldn't stop staring at you.

"Yesung, you're going to get a stomach ache if you eat too much."

You ignored me and kept on eating. I pouted a little and you didn't have to look up to know. You smiled and my heart skipped a beat again. What's wrong with my heart? What's wrong with me?


You walk me all the way to my dorm. I didn't really know you were going to do that. I bowed and said thank you. You smile again. Why is this happening to me?!

I turn around to open the door but your voice made me stop.


I turn around. The next thing I knew something warm touched my lip. My eyes were wide open in shock and my heart pounded. My heart was either going to burst or jump out of my chest. You pull away and look at me in my eyes. I could tell my face was red because I could feel the heat on my cheeks again. You smile yet again.

"What is wrong with me?", I whispered.

"You love me."


I'm to lazy to check grammar right now since it's almost five in the morning so...whatever.
Here you go Sam!